In love with…a Parisian restaurant guide

Hi lovebirds,

I’m sure you all agree on how easy it is to find touristy restaurants and cafés in cities like Paris. But the question is: where to real Parisians go to? Before heading to this city of love, I asked my Parisian friends for advice and they handed me over a list of addresses of cafés, bars, restaurants they love. Unfortunately, we couldn’t try them all but this gives us another excuse to return to Paris soon.

  1. holybelly – Café/ Brunch (13€ for a meal)

Monday morning was girls brunch time. 3 girls, 2 Australia lovers and 1 café = holybelly + foodgasm. Holybelly is a hidden place in 10e arrondissement but still has quite a high reputation, especially amongst internationals. It is a french owned place inspired by Australian food and culture and is very authentic. The customers’ favourite is eggs and sides, a dish that supposedly is very popular in Melbourne and includes 2 eggs (up to you how you want to eat them), two sides (baked beans, salad, chèvre, bacon, etc.) and 2 slices of sour dough bread with butter. I personally tried the eggs and sides with a fabulous green salad and bacon and I was absolutely satisfied. They also have pancakes with maple sirup and bacon (another one of my favourites), a Vegemite breakfast (could it get any more Australian?) and more. Their coffee tasted as beautiful as it looked and the atmosphere in the café was very international. I felt carefully looked after, even though we had to wait short 10 minutes until we got a table. The price is about 13€ for a meal which is quite affordable for a brunch in Paris!


2)  Big Fernand – Burger Place/ Lunch 

If you’re a burger person you should try one of Big Fernand’s burger places. They have a couple of restaurants spread all over Paris, so they shouldn’t be too difficult to find. Big Fernand is a stylish fast food restaurant that offers homemade burgers and fries for about 14€, drink included. We admit, it isn’t the cheapest meal but considering the high price level in Paris and the fact that it’s still homemade food, it’s quite alright. I wouldn’t consider you to go there every day though. The bun tasted very delicious and so did the tomato sauce that came with the meal.


3) Les Chics Types  – Lunch/Dinner 

You’re looking for a really french place to have lunch? French as in where french people go to and not the french kitchen? Then The Chic… might be the right place you’re looking for. It’s a restaurant/café that looks pretty unauffällig from the outside but when you enter it, you’ll be enchanted by its charm. I’d describe it as a sophisticated and chic (as the name already tells) place. It’s lovely decorated with flowers and books and somehow makes you feel a bit like home. Parisians go there to have their daily black coffee routine with a cigarette and Le Monde or their favourite book. The atmosphere is very french and you’d hardly see any tourist walk in (unless you’ve got two fake Parisians like H and myself). We felt very well looked after and there was a great variety of dishes on the menu. H chose a nice boeuf tartare and I for myself chose the falafel plate. My personal highlight was the dessert, H and I shared: mascarpone crème à la pistache with raspberries and … On their dessert menu was also a crumble lemon cheesecake and pancakes! And who said making decisions was easy?

Bisou, M


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