In love with…a Metz Travel Diary

Hey lovebirds,

a little while ago some friends and I went on a little road trip to Nancy and then continued to Metz. I do admit my expectations were quite high as friends had told me it was such a beautiful place but truth is, I was a little bit disappointed with the city. After all the positive comments, I had no choice but to be a bit upset. However, I discovered at least 4 things that I fell in love with.

  1. I just loved the centre pompidou and its current exhibitions. J and I discovered the arts museum and were pretty impressed by just looking at it from the outside. It’s quite a futuristic building which makes it pretty obvious it’s an arts museum…no offense. My favourite part of the exhibition was the installation ‘To Breath/Mirror Woman’ by a Korean artist Kimsooja. It was a breathtaking moment that had me carried away. I admit, I was even scared at some point. It was a very new but interesting experience. Before entering it, they made us put on these white cover ups for our shoes so we wouldn’t destroy the piece of art. I was a bit confused at the start but soon realized why they made us put them on: we entered a room that was made of mirrors. The exhibition just blew me away, I can only recommend you to go and see it for yourself!
  2. What I liked second best about Metz was the historical centre with a very beautiful cathedral in yellow – just like the rest of the city.
    DSC_0400 DSC_0401
  3. Le Marché Couvert. They even sell chou-fleurs, didn’t even know they existed!
  4. What could be better than taking a break at a chocolatier with some lovely cake and coffee?! I have the feeling there was a chocolatier on every corner. It was literally chocolate heaven for a chocolate addict like J and myself. To warm up, we decided to check out the best looking chocolatier we’d found – Bourguignon. Turns out they even have Austrian cake (tarte autrichienne) that I hadn’t heard of before.

Bisou, M

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