In love with…Down Under

Hi lovebirds, Has anyone of you ever been an exchange student? That kind where ‘exchange’ actually still meant ‘exchange’? Where you live with a host family, while someone else stays with yours? You attend school, meet great new people and make friends for life? Sometimes it feels just like yesterday that I graduated and satContinue reading “In love with…Down Under”

In love with…Bratislava

Hi lovebirds, oh wie ich dieses Gefühl des Reisens vermisst hab. Das klingt für manche wahrscheinlich unglaublich komisch, da ich ja erst seit nicht mal vier Monaten wieder in Wien bin, aber selbst so eine Eintagesreise in eine mir unbekannte Stadt (wobei das nicht ganz stimmt) gibt mir so ein Kribbeln im Bauch, so einContinue reading “In love with…Bratislava”

10 reasons to fall in love with…Brussels

I know this might come as a surprise for those of you who have heard me say all those nasty things about Brussels, but yes, there are some things about this city that I appreciate. Maybe it’s the flu that’s been bothering me over the past few days, or maybe it’s just that sometimes youContinue reading “10 reasons to fall in love with…Brussels”

In love with…Amsterdam Food Guide

Hi lovebirds, I wouldn’t call myself anywhere near an expert on Amsterdam – in my opinion you can’t be an expert on a city, if you’ve only been there as a tourist yourself – but I have picked up a few nice places while I was there and it’s always nice to put them downContinue reading “In love with…Amsterdam Food Guide”

In love with…Amsterdam

Hi lovebirds, It was on a cold weekend in May when L and I went to Amsterdam. Three months later, I am finally ready to tell our story. See, about five months ago, I had never set a single foot to the Netherlands before. Living in Belgium has made it impossible for me not toContinue reading “In love with…Amsterdam”

In love with…Wien.Museum.Otto.Wagner

Hi lovebirds, Me being a fan of the city of Vienna is not necessarily a secret. Ever since I was a teenage girl, I’ve wanted to move to the capital, live the big city life. Moving away on different occasions has made me realise once again how great this city is and how much itContinue reading “In love with…Wien.Museum.Otto.Wagner”

In love with…Ghent-ventures

Hi lovebirds, If I had to choose a favourite city in Belgium, it would be Ghent without hesitation. Even though our first visit was rather wet, T and I knew we’d have to come back, it was a feeling we had since the very beginning. I’d done a lot of research before our trip –Continue reading “In love with…Ghent-ventures”

In love with…Knokke-d out at sea

Hi lovebirds, A few weeks back, it was adventure time when my two buddies F & F for some reason decided to go sailing at sea. You see, F & F are two inseparable best friends who always have silly things on their minds, which is perhaps why they are so dear to me becauseContinue reading “In love with…Knokke-d out at sea”