In love with…Knokke-d out at sea

Hi lovebirds,

A few weeks back, it was adventure time when my two buddies F & F for some reason decided to go sailing at sea. You see, F & F are two inseparable best friends who always have silly things on their minds, which is perhaps why they are so dear to me because they are always a lot of fun to be with. Traveling with these two always turns into epic moments. Also, you perhaps have heard of my passion for pirates – yes, somebody has binge watched Pirates of the Caribbean and yes, I was able to talk along the movie – so of course, I would tag along despite the cold Belgian-type temperatures in June. To be honest, my brain automatically equals ‘sea and beach’ with warm weather, so I had enough reasons to come along the trip, even though I was clearly wrong about the beach weather part.


Anyhow, I hopped on the train to meet up with F & F at the beach in Knokke – it already sounds like a very piratey town, don’t you think? – but when I arrived, it hit me seeing all these people wear winter coats outside, while I was dressed in shorts and t-shirt. Luckily, having lived in Belgium for a while, I’d come prepared because I knew F & F had been enjoying my constant complaints about the weather in Belgium, so I’ve decided to get changed instead and not to let them win.

So when I started approaching the beach, I was once again reminded of pirates, as all the houses and streets were grey and empty, as if a group of pirates had plundered the city and laid a curse on it, but let’s not get carried away. When I finally got to the beach after a nice 15 minute walk, the boys welcomed me with uncountable precious treasures they had found at the beach, or at least they were treasures to some people, particularly to F, as he was clearly very happy to have an old sting ray egg in his hair.


I was actually thinking, you know how Pirates of the Caribbean has an evil monkey? Well, we clearly came across an evil seagull during our picknick. So other F has this thing for soft balls, which he keeps bringing along and loses eventually. As we were sitting in the sand, innocently eating humus, bread and some chocolate cookies, a seagull was watching us. I instantly knew it was hate love at first sight, as F tried to scare it away, but the seagull managed to come close enough to steal F’s soft ball and flew off into the sky with the ball in its beak, very ironic, I know. Clearly not a very successful day for three professional pirates, but nevertheless a historical and hilarious moment being robbed by a seagull.

But pirates never give up, so F & F finally decided to go back to what they thought they could do best, threw on some wetsuits and tried to tame the sea with some (sailing) boat, and man, have they fought hard with the water! For a second, I wished I was a seagull so I could watch them fight from above, but sitting at the shore was enough to see what was really happening and how much they struggled. To be fair, the wind and waves were  pretty rough that day. When my eyes couldn’t stand watching them fail any longer, I fought my way back to the train station climbing some dunes and coming across some posh houses that would have been perfect to plunderrr.


Finally, when my train arrived, the earth started shaking – or well, that’s not really what happened, but that’s what would have happened, if this were a real pirate movie – I turned around and saw two pirates running towards the train station. It was F & F! You wonder why they were running and what really happened with that boat? Well, a real pirate never tells, but to be honest, I only found out on the train myself. What I can say is that F & F didn’t disappoint me with their piratey behaviour and even proved their commitment to the pirate community.

Since we couldn’t let this day end like this, we stopped in Ghent on the way back for some nice drinks along the canal and some ice cream. It was not exactly the beach experience I was prepared and hoping for, but it turned out to be quite an adventurous and fun day. My conclusion for the day: check the weather forecast before going to the beach, it is not worth going to Knokke, unless high temperatures and sunshine!

Bisou, M

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