In love with…culinary Vienna


Hi lovebirds, First of all, we’d like to apologise to you for the lack of writing in the past few weeks. A lot has happened since our last entry and we will try to make it up to you with a brand-new post on Vienna. It might have occurred to you that I’m a little obsessed with Australia… Well, so you can imagine how excited I was to have my dear friend C stay with me in Vienna for a couple of days. We’ve had three chatty days with lots of sightseeing and I’ve started to love being a tourist in my own city. The weather was perfect for a lovely walk through the city centre to see all the old and glamorous buildings and monuments in the first district. Vienna is a city that still brags with what’s left over from the monarchy – castles, palaces, museums, art galleries, traditional cafés and more. No wonder the Mercer has again ranked Vienna first in its international quality of living survey as the city with the highest quality of living worldwide.


I have enjoyed living in this beautiful city for various different reasons, one of them is the variety of restaurants it has to offer. I’ve actually started making lists of places that I’ve been to and places I still want to go to. If you’re lucky, I’ll share it with you some time but for now I’ve chosen two Viennese hotspots.


Ulrich is perfectly situated in the seventh district, at St.Ulrich’s Platz to be more exact. Lara loves it and I can see why. The restaurant is located at a little square that reminds of Italy. I enjoyed the beautiful view of the yellowy church from the terrace. It offers a great possibility to sip a nice glass of red wine and enjoy the company of lovely people. The flat bread I had was absolutely amazing and a nice light lunch before heading off to a private sightseeing tour. Lara has made me want to come here for so long and I’m glad I’ve finally found the time to step a foot into Ulrich’s doors, or on its terrace really, and I can’t wait to come back again soon to try some more of their fabulous food and drift off to my imaginary Rome.


Now, everyone needs a little dessert…or at least I do. When London meets Paris in Vienna Rori’s Finest Sweets is created. There are no words for how uh-mazing their cakes taste. It was a difficult task for two sweet teeth like us to choose between so many different flavours but we’ve decided to share two, as we’d benefit most from it. So C and I ended up getting a raspberry crumble and a chocolate mousse that were both yummy but also very filling. What I loved about this place (despite their pastries) was the effort that was behind all of it. The light blue walls with white furniture added to the French pastry and assured a modern French-English look right in the middle of Vienna. I think you can guess why I loved it so much?


Vienna never really gets boring if you step out of your comfort zone and try new things. So get yourselves out there and be brave! Oh and please let us know how you liked our restaurant/patisserie and feel free to share your ideas with us. We’re always happy to get some new inspiration! Love, M

In love with…attending a good wedding

A wedding’s always a perfect opportunity to wear a pretty robe, get dressed up and wear high heels. My mum’s been coping with my dress addiction for almost 24 years now. Every time I go shopping I hear her whingeing: ‘Another bloody dress?’ And I keep telling her, there will be a perfect moment for me to wear it, trust me, and she just rolls her eyes. I admit I understand mum’s hesitation. I have about thirty dresses in my closet and half of them have either been worn once or never. But as I said: time will come and it has! At least for my navy-blue dress that I bought in Australia about two years ago. I have this habit of buying dresses overseas just because I like to tease people. ‘Oh what a pretty dress you’ve got! Where’d you get it?’ ‘Hm, sorry, but this one’s from Canberra.’. I apologize that this is not an advertisement of a brand-new dress or coat or shoes that I had just bought recently. Just try to think of it as a reminder that things don’t always have to be new for them to look good. I get attached to things easily and therefore every piece I have comes with a certain memory. Like the dress that I graduated in, or the dress that I wore to my cousin’s wedding, or the dress that I wore on my first day of my internship and yes, I’m a very emotional person. So I was happy to add another memory to my navy-blue dress that I wore to my other cousin’s wedding. Getting dressed for a wedding is never easy, as you try not to steal the bride’s attention. This is why I chose to go for a rather simple dress, coat and high heels, all in matching blue colours. My baby blue coat from Zara has been a great companion for the past two years. It’s very simple but that’s what’s so perfect about it. You can dress it up with a lovely dress and high heels like my outfit for the wedding, or you can dress it down by simply wearing jeans, a shirt and booties. As it reads in ‘How to be Parisian wherever you are’: you need to find an item that makes you feel good about yourself no matter what, and this is mine. Perhaps it’s also the Parisian look of it that makes me feel good about it, who knows?

Bisou, M

Here’s what I wore: dress (Dotti), jacket (Zara), high heels (Zara), bag (H&M), watch (Casio)