In love with…Valentine’s Day

Hey lovebirds,

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and we thought we’d give you some ideas on how to spend this special day of love without becoming depressed in case you’re single like Lara and myself. Lots of people hate this day because it reminds them of being single, of being alone. But truth is: who said Valentine’s Day was only a day for couples?

Lara and I have both never been in a relationship on this very day and yet we’d end up with a bouquet of flowers from our beautiful mothers. Lara&I have decided we wouldn’t let our single life ruin this day full of romance and love and decided to make our very own ritual. We see this day as another special occasion to spend some precious time with each other (well, it does sound like we WERE in a relationship though, haha). We don’t really like how Valentine’s Day turned into another birthday or Christmas, where the consumer that hides in all of us aims at buying the most expensive present to show our loved ones how much we appreciate them. But do we really need materialistic presents to declare our love? We wouldn’t exactly agree to that and let’s be honest: the most expensive present won’t fix a relationship that is already broken…


Since Lara’s and my very own relationship status does not involve any other person at the moment (but hey who knows if someone’s out there, right?), we’ve come up with some fun things to do when you’re single.

  1. Have a girls night in with your best friends. Watch some classics and chick flicks, have popcorn, polish each others nails, drink hot chocolate and have some marshmallows with it. Who says you need a boy- or a girlfriend to do couples things? (don’t forget about the tissues)
  2. Choose two or three of your favourite cocktails and have a cocktail party.
  3. Take your mum and/or grandmother out for lunch and tell them how much you love them.
  4. Go to a chocolate factory and have a chocolate tasting.

We do, however, believe it is important to show affection to people that you love. So in case you are in a relationship why not have an indoor picknick with your favourite food and some champagne? Or how about a handwritten love letter? Or how about you run a bubble bath for your lovebird, pour a glass of wine, put on some nice music? Sometimes less really is more.

And by the way, who says you can only tell and show your loved ones once a year how you feel about them?! We believe it’s the most important thing to tell someone how you feel about them! Tell them what you love about them and why!

Bisou, L&M

Published by michellejas

I am an Austrian hobby blogger sharing thoughts about things I am in love with, it's as simple as that. :) Bisou, M

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