In love with…What the cake?

Hello there lovebirds,

As a true Austrian girl, I do love my coffee house culture and I sure wanna practice it wherever I go. So it’s not really surprising that I went looking for great coffee shops and cafés here in Strasbourg. After living in Vienna (THE place where coffee house culture was born) and Budapest (the city with perhaps the most creative coffee places) my expectations are pretty high! ‘Wow, that was some great coffee’ coming from an Austrian really is a compliment and I mean it. What the cake? has officially become my favourite place in Strasbourg for having coffee or just to quietly read a book. I love the atmosphere, it’s so international there, oh and have I mentioned the furniture?! And the cupcakes? Cheesecakes? And carrot cakes? It’s a vintage-style coffee shop with old silk armchairs and lampshades (and not to mention the flamingos). The milk from your latté comes in an extra pot which is very unlikely in France and the cakes are fabulous too. Their selection is small but that’s what I love about it, as I hate to make decisions. They have all my favourite cakes which doesn’t necessarily make it easy for someone who has a sweet tooth. For those of you who like it vegan, they even have a pretty amazingly tasting lemon cheesecake. Now enough, go there and see for yourselves! Although I’d recommend you not to go there on weekends, especially on cold and cloudy days as you might have a bit of a trouble getting a table! Yes, it is that popular!

Bisou, M

Here’s where to find it: 51 rue du Fossé des Tanneurs, STRASBOURG!


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I am an Austrian hobby blogger sharing thoughts about things I am in love with, it's as simple as that. :) Bisou, M

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