In love with…my Diana

Hello lovebirds,

I just discovered an old entry that I was going to publish before I left Vienna. As I was obviously very busy, I’ve decided to post it anyways as it describes what I’ve been and still am going through and some people might ask themselves what it’s like to move away from home…this entry is dedicated to Diana, a true travel companion!

Diana has been a true friend, never has anyone been this loyal. She’s my lady in baby blue and black and is always full of surprises. As I’m slowly emptying my room, people start asking me questions: are you sad you have to leave the country? Are you excited? What are you going to take with you?

So first of all, I don’t have to leave country, it was my decision and I’m very grateful I got this amazing opportunity to study in France, Strasbourg to be exact. Of course there’s always a tiny feeling of anxiety when you leave the country, especially for a longer period of time than you’ve ever been away from home. Two years is a long time and who says I’ll be moving back to Vienna when I’ve finished my studies?! Mum, if you’re reading this, please don’t freak out now! So why is this about loving my Diana? When I lived in France about two years ago, my little Diana was with me most of the time, I just neglected her ever since I came back. What a bad friend I am! I recently discovered her sitting on my desk and I finally took the courage to take her to the store and finished her work! I’m talking about photos here! Diana has allowed me to remember why I’m doing all this and by all this I mean the whole moving away kinda thing. I remembered the great times I had with Lara when we visited the South of France, the beautiful and hidden places in Lyon that I used to take my visitors to, the best coffee places to satisfy Lara’s (and thanks to Lara’s also my) addiction and the trips I took with my friends and the fun times we had.

Going through these photos, I once again realized how privileged and lucky I am to have such a great opportunity to travel to beautiful places. Privileged as not everyone can afford moving away, or the family might be too dependent on you. Others are forced to move away because their homes are in danger or can’t find any job to survive. Me, however, I was lucky enough to choose if and where I want to go. People have always welcomed me which made my stays very pleasant and even difficult to leave and that I am very thankful for!

Bisou, M


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I am an Austrian hobby blogger sharing thoughts about things I am in love with, it's as simple as that. :) Bisou, M

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