In love with… Parc d’Orangerie

Hey lovebirds,

lately I’ve been doubting the weather and been asking myself whether it’s spring already – the Christmas lights told me otherwise…the temperatures are unexpectedly high and confusing. It feels weird not having to wear a parka in November…I’ve already had several birthdays that I spent on my girly bobsled out in the snow (except this one amazing birthday Down Under). This year’s November has been pretty warm and very beautiful with all the trees changing colours. Perfect occasion to explore the biggest park here in Strasbourg – Parc d’Orangerie – quite a romantic place. It’s good to make use of the sunlight as long as we still have it, winter can be dark and depressive enough but I do look forward to all the pretty Christmas markets anyway. L has been cheering me up already to do some Christmas shopping – she’s one crazy (but in a good way) Christmas addict. Unfortunately, we won’t be spending Christmas season together this year but thanks to digital communication, I’m sure we’ll still have our nostalgic moments – it is one of our favourite seasons of the year after all.

Bisou, M


Published by michellejas

I am an Austrian hobby blogger sharing thoughts about things I am in love with, it's as simple as that. :) Bisou, M

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