In love with…ma belle Strasbourgeoisie


Summer is officially over and my new life in Strasbourg has had some very exciting but chilly moments. After ten long hours on the train (I crossed three different countries), I finally made it to my new home. Strasbourg and I seem to be perfect for each other – apart from a few things that still need to be sorted out. (and really my list of things is endless) It’s the heart of Europe – sorry Brussels – and it definitely has a pretty face too, so how could I not feel comfortable around here? It’s the perfect mix of history, culture, politics and languages. And again: how could I not feel comfortable in this city? When I applied for my Master’s, I had absolutely no idea what a fabulous city Strasbourg was, even though people have tried to warn me. Before I left home, I got myself some tour guides, as I usually do and it didn’t take long for a sweet tooth like me to realise the houses there look like they were made of gingerbread. Today, when I first walked through the historic city centre, there even was the smell of gingerbread that came out of a little store, I swear. I guess I know now where Santa’s little elves work, no wonder Strasbourg calls itself Europe’s Christmas Capital. Even though I’m usually quite a fan of warmer temperatures, I am quite excited to check out the city when there’s snow (hopefully there will be snow). I wonder if it can get any prettier? Honestly, guys, I think I’m in love…with this city.


Bisou, M

Published by michellejas

I am an Austrian hobby blogger sharing thoughts about things I am in love with, it's as simple as that. :) Bisou, M

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