In love with…road trips to KrumLOVE

Ahoj lovebirds,

So it’s official: Lara has officially left me to go to the U.S. where she’ll spend an exciting ten months teaching German at University in North Carolina. The good news (for me at least) is: we still managed to go on a little road trip to Krumlov together with our dear friend Sev. Krumlov is a lovely place in the Czech Republic really close to where L&I grew up and yet I somehow managed not to go there the past 23 years I sort of lived in Austria. After all this time, I finally decided to discover the beauty of this wonderful place that I’d anticipated. So we took Sev’s (actually his dad’s) van and drove up to this medieval place. S&L had both been there before which was perfect as I made them my own personal tour guides. Crazy laughs and stupid talks escorted our day trip which soon took us back to being 16. L&I used to go to the Czech Republic once a year with our school choir so we have quite some good memories with this country. Krumlov was another great trip that we satisfactorily added to our list.


Exploring new cities is so much fun, I never really understood why we don’t do this more often. Living in such a small country has the advantage of being close to lots of interesting places (also within the country) and sometimes I believe we are not aware of how lucky we actually are. Going to Paris, London, Sydney is one thing (and believe me I love those cities) but going to smaller places like Krumlov or any other small place can be just as good, it’s just not as overrated.


Krumlov may be a small town but still has lots to offer. This UNESCO world heritage city blew off my mind with its lovely little rues and bright paddle boats on the Vltava River. It’s a city like no other that takes you back to medieval times with its architecture and museums. Even Egon Schiele has its own museum and café (and what a nice café that is) in Krumlov. The Egon Schiele Café was perhaps my favourite place we visited. I just liked the classy style of it: the flowers, the sofas, the paintings, the coffee, the atmosphere oh and the menu was stuck in an old book, how cool is that? I honestly didn’t expect Krumlov to be so ‘hip’ but I always love a good surprise!

Bisou, M


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