In love with…The Sound of Music Moments

The best thing that can happen to a person that is moving away is a touristy weekend in your own country. As a huge fan of the kids’ show Heidi, I’ve always loved going to the mountains but last weekend was even more special than usual. It was family reunion time, a reunion with parts of my family that I hadn’t even met before. I admit, most of them were third grade cousins but who cares? Family is family, right? Even in the car I couldn’t help but repeating myself, trying to stop me from dribbling cause yes, that’s how impressed  I was with the different shades of green, the blue sky oh and not to mention the mountains that grew out of nowhere. There is nothing (or at least hardly anything) as beautiful as the view of a range of mountains. It hit me again how beautiful and diverse Austria is and I really don’t want to brag here. When I lived in Australia, I stopped counting the people who told me how much they loved ‘The Sound of Music’ and how they sing in their dirndls in the mountains. Well, embarrassing enough I hadn’t even seen the movie, so I kind of felt obliged to watch it when I was there and yes finally it happened when my host mum T made me watch it when they went out for dinner. I was always of the impression that singing in dirndls, yodeling, the mountains, and even Edelweis was just a cliché. Well, last weekend proofed me wrong. Not only did the family reunion take place in the mountains, the host and hostess were also farmers who produced their own meat and cheese. How awesome is that? Some guys wore lederhosen, unfortunately no dirndls. On the way back from discovering the beautiful landscape with my cousin, I heard my uncle talk about yodeling and I thought he was joking. Well, I guess I was wrong, again. I am dead serious when I tell you that me – an Austrian citizen who was on vacation in the mountains – took a yodel class from a guy in lederhosen. As unbelievable as it may sound, it was real, so very real, I even have proof. And that’s not even it: to end an amazing day in my own ‘The Sound of Music’ movie, we even got Edelweiß! I believe, I’ll have to overthink what I used to say about Austrian clichés because they do seem to be very much alive!

Bisou, M

Und desmoi,weis jo a ‘Mühlviertler Bagaschn Fest’ woa, hob i ma docht, i vasuach amoi mei glick und probias auf müvialarisch, damit de de wos koa englisch kinan a amoi wos vastengan. Des beste wos oan passian kau wauma wega ziagt va dahoam is a touristen wochnend in Österreich. Ois a fan va da Kinderserie Heidi bin i jo schau imma gean ind berg gfoan owa letzts wochnend woas nuamoi uma spur spezieller! Familientreffn woa, a familientreffn ba dem i de meistn leid ned amoi kennt hob. I muas zuagem de meistn woan cousinen va da mama, owa familie is familie, oda ned? Schau im auto hob i mi gscheid zaumreissn miassn wei ma imma fost oana ogaunga is voa lauta schaun! De vaschiedenen foam va grean, der blaue hümmi und de berg de van bodn aussawochsn. Es gibt hoid echt nix (oda fost nix) scheinas wia de berg! Do is ma wieda eigfoin, wia schei und obwechslungsreich Österreich und do wü i hiaz echt ned augem! Wia i in Australien woa hob i aufghert zan zön wiafü leid ma gsogt haum, dass The Sound of Music eana lieblingsfüm is (hobts nix vapasst,denn kennt ma ois österreicherIn ned). Iagendwaun hob i mi daun schau fost dazua vapflichtet gfüht, dass i ma den amoi auschau bis das mi daun meim gastmama T dazua zwunga hot, das i man auschau wia se essn gaunga san! I hob ma imma docht de gaunzn dirndl, des singa aufn berg, is jodeln und da edelweiß des san nua clichés va österreich. Tjo, do hob i mi woi gewoitig deischt! De familien feier woa nämli ba an bergbauer in de berg, de eana eigens fleisch und kas herstön, ziemlich cool. Aussadem haum a boa lederhosn aughot, owa leida koine dirndl. Am weg zruck van spaziern hot mei onkl wos van jodln gsogt und hob ma denkt des is a scherz. tjo, do hob i mi woi schau wieda girrt. I moan des voi ernst waun i ois österreicherin de am wochenend auf urlaub woa in de berg das i an jodelkurs mit meiner familie gmocht hob! So komisch des a klinga mog, des woa hoid aso und untn segts beweise. und es wird sogoa nu bessa: zan höhpunkt des abends hot jede va uns nu an edelweis mitgriagt. an echtn. I moa i muas ma echt nua moi über des büd va österreich gedaunkn mochn, wei so wias ausschaut san de clichés woi doch woa!

Bussi, M


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