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Summer time is pizza time. I love Italian food and therefore there is no way around making pizza on my own. This is why I felt like creating a new pizza recipe with summer veggies and spelt flour. I really don’t want to brag but the result was extremely tasty! Since more and more people have to deal with wheat allergy, I’ve tried to make pizza dough with spelt flour for the first time and I was happy to see that it does not make a difference at all! So try it yourself! 🙂
Here is what you’ll need… …for the dough 1 package dry yeast 30 dag spelt flour 1 tsp sugar ½ tsp salt 2 tbsp. olive oil 250 ml warm water 1 tsp dry thymn …for the topping Pizzaiola: 2 tbsp tomato paste 2 tbsp olive oil 1 skinned tomato ½ onion 2 tsp oregano salt pepper 4 cloves of garlic 300 g zucchini 1 tomato 150 g feta cheese oregano salt Optional extra toppings 2 tbsp dried tomatoes 2 tsp capers 2 tsp chanterelles cheese Here is how you prepare it: Put 250 ml water into a bowl. Take a couple of tablespoons from that water and mix it with dry yeast, sugar and salt. Add this mixture to spelt flour and add rest of the water and dry thymn. Knead together (by hand or mixer) until dough is smooth and elastic. If the dough seems a little too wet, sprinkle on a bit more flour.

2.)    Place the dough in a bowl that has been coated lightly with olive oil. Turn the dough around in the bowl so that it gets coated with the oil. Cover with plastic wrap. Let sit in a warm place until it doubles in size.

In the meantime, cut all ingredients for the topping into small pieces. Put your dough on the griddle (don’t forget to coat the griddle with oil first) and stretch it. Put the pizzaiola on your dough and add all toppings. I used two optional extra toppings. On the left half of my pizza I added capers and dry tomatoes and on the right half chanterelles and cheese. Bake your pizza in the preheated oven (200°) for 30 min. Enjoy! Bisou, L

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I am an Austrian hobby blogger sharing thoughts about things I am in love with, it's as simple as that. :) Bisou, M

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