In love with…Pécs

Hello there,

After the ridiculous amount of time I spent socializing in Hungary, I’ve finally found a quiet moment to myself to do some writing. My host mum would call me a social butterfly, a word that I quickly picked up when I lived in Australia. I dare say my life hasn’t changed in that social aspect since. When I travel, I like to discover as many places as possible. So a couple of weeks ago, my friend R and I went to a town south of Hungary called Pécs, great name I know. We decided we needed to do some cultural exploring, so the former European cultural capital seemed like a great place to go.


A three-hour train ride through the probably flattest country I’ve been to takes you to a nice city where religion seems to be as present as it used to be a long time ago. It might be for the churches, basilicas, temples, ruins and mausoleums why I assume that. The city was founded by the Romans at the beginning of the second century and is now a UNESCO world heritage site.


Supposedly, it’s very popular with university students, I for myself didn’t see any. After a long but nice walk around in the glowing heat, and after having an ice coffee, an ice cream, lunch AND a coffee (is it really that obvious that we weren’t in a hurry at all?) we managed to find a hostel to stay the night. There we met our friend T who was cool enough to spend the weekend strolling around with us. R&I are very critical and picky so it wasn’t an easy task to join our group. Two Dutchies and one ostrich, what a combo.


Our great cultural experience ended up in a restaurant crawl because the city centre wasn’t all that big. Also, we were on holidays and what better thing is there to do when you’re on holidays than eat and drink, right? So we did well. We explored a lot of nice locations. R&T were very fond of the organic bakery we found, they instantly fell in love with their little boobie-cakes. Since they didn’t have peach cake (which still surprises me; I mean you can’t name a city ‘peach’ and then not sell peach-cake, right?), I was forced to go for the chocolate one.


Once the bellies were full, we did some more exploring and ended up stuck in the great basilica. A big storm was devastating the historic city, strong men had to walk in half a meter high water to save some kitties’ lives and Chinese girls mysteriously disappeared and haven’t been found since…I’m still a bit sad that I missed all that but mum always says: M, you can’t be a part of everything! And you know the golden rule: mums are always right! Now enough talking and enjoy the photos!

Puszi (which is a simple bisou in Hungarian, what did you think?), M


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