In love with…Budapest, the new L.A.?

Don’t you ever feel like some things are way too overrated and clichéd and that our lives are far too shaped by stereotypes? Having been to Budapest for two weeks now, I get the feeling that my picture of this fabulous city had been freakishly false. One of the reasons for this might be my amazing internship and all the lovely people that I have met so far, but it might as well be the fact that I’m kind of living a bit of a dream to be honest.

Having travelled quite a fair bit like myself, you’d know that overthinking is pretty pointless and that you’ll end up getting disappointed because things might not turn out the way you wanted. I personally quit overthinking my travels a long time ago. One important thing I have learned so far from my past experiences is to let go and let things happen and be surprised every now and then. It’s the unexpected that makes our daily life interesting and when I applied for my internship, I didn’t think much about the city itself.

I wanted this job so bad, I completely forgot about everything else around me. I always thought of Budapest as some kind of similar version of Vienna given all the history. Living here though puts me in a place where I’m able to understand why empress Sisi preferred to spend as much time as she could in this fabulous city. She must have already seen great potential in it and I can totally see why. It’s the openness and kindness of the people and the art that give the city a fresh touch. I have never seen a city before where youth has such a great influence in creating its own image. Budapest is full of artistic bars and hidden places that are waiting to be discovered (and gosh no, I haven’t seen them all). That’s what I love so much about living in different cities because there’s no doubt you can see the ‘most important’ things in only a few days, but the real beauty of a city you can only discover when living there, that’s for sure!

Budapest seems to be a place of hope and dreams, which is perhaps another reason why I feel so comfortable here. Coming to Budapest has changed my life in some way and not only due to the fact that my Hungarian is still…well, how to say?…limited and that this is the first time for me to live somewhere I don’t speak the language. It’s more about the fact that I experience things that I never would have thought possible and always only existed in my head, and now here I am…living what I had dreamed of for such a long time, even though my dream has a use-by date and since life is fragile as a dream, I try to hold on to it for as long as I can. That’s why I believe you just need to find your own little L.A., seize a great opportunity and make the best of it! If you open up your eyes, you might realize that your L.A. is closer than you think it is!

Bisou, M

Published by michellejas

I am an Austrian hobby blogger sharing thoughts about things I am in love with, it's as simple as that. :) Bisou, M

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